Our Vision

At “Major Concepts” Co., we wanted to create a Positive Product—one that could Personally Represent Every Individual’s Highest Ideals of Unity, Respect, Diversity and Harmony.

“The Peace Jersey” is just that: a Product whose “Message” is Apparent, whether the Wearer is “Coming or Going”! A Product that Displays to the World, “At A Glance”, the Wearer’s Philosophy and Values!

While Utterly Unique in terms of “Concept and Custom Design”, “The Peace Jersey’s” Greatest Attribute, Is Undoubtedly Its “Extraordinary Message”!

Invented to Promote Peace among Our Communities, Youth, Schools, Gangs, Nations—World— “The Peace Jersey” Stands, as a Symbol Against the Senseless Crime, Violence, and Intolerance, “All Too Commonplace, In Our Everyday Lives”! “The Peace Jersey” Accomplishes this by providing a “Innovative”, “Fresh & Cool”, “Street Wear Casual-Attire”, which brings thoughts of Peace (and consequently Love) to the Viewer’s Consciousness!

“The Peace Jersey” is a “Finished Product” and is currently manufactured in 6 Sizes, from Small to 3X-Large!  We’re currently featuring, The U.S.A. Version, (Red, White and Blue), The OAKLAND, CA., Version, (Silver and Black), and…
The SAN FRANCISCO, CA., BAY AREA, Version, (Blue, White, and Yellow Gold)!
We also have plans to release soon, a LADIE’S Version (Pink) etc!

“The Peace Jersey” Represents the “Epitome of Humanity”!  The Product’s Power, lies in Its Ability to “Universally Include, Not Exclude”!

Research informs us that- the Apparel Industry is Strongly Patronized, towards the “Socially Responsible Brands”, “That Gives Back, and Champion the Needs, Concerns, Views, and Desires, of the Consumer, and Society”!

We have learned, through watching the daily television news, reading news papers, listening to radio stations, and staying abreast with the Youth, and, Social Media Platforms, that… “The Majority, Of All People! WANT PEACE”!!!

“Major Concepts” Co., Aims For “The Peace Jersey” To Become The No.#1 Garment For “Peace-Worldwide”! In Doing So, “Major Concepts” Co., Aspire Success Consistent With The Top Brands Of The Apparel Industry! From This Position, “Major Concepts” Co., Will Be Able To Act As An Influential Advocate For “Humanitarian Efforts”, Associated With The “Message of Peace”!

For “Major Concepts” Co., these aspirations (Are Not)! Motivated by the grandeur associated with success and acknowledgments! We Want To “Change The Mentality” regarding Violence, Bigotry and Intolerance… “On A Global Scale“! “We Simply Understand”, That This Level Of Success, Is Necessary, To Affect The “Degree Of Change We Envision”!

Be it a clan of tribal hunter-gatherers in South America’s jungles, or Ambassadors sitting in conference at the United Nations, Every Group is “Founded” On One Ideal Before All Others: Cooperation!

Peace Is The Ultimate Expression Of Cooperation! It Is The Agreement, For “Better and Not Worse”, To Put-Differences, Lots, And Ideals Aside, In A Joint Effort, For Mutual Benefits—It Is The “Essence of Human Interaction”!