BIO: I am Major R. Castleberry II. I am originally from Gary, IN. I came to California, in 1982, by way of the United States Navy, stationed on the Alameda Naval Air Base, where I served on an Aircraft Carrier, the U.S.S. Enterprise (CVN-65), as an Aviation Flight Deck Electrician. After being Honorably Discharged, I began to pursue My 3 G’s… God Given Gift”, of Inventing. My first concern for inventing anything, was to first, figure out… What’s Important? And Very Relevant… To The Majority Of All Human Beings! My first answer to myself was “PEACE”!!! Now that was done! :)

I had to figure out a way to create a product for “PEACE”… that would be a “Tangible & Wearable” “Innovative & Social” “Custom Designed” “Double Sided” “Cool & Swaggered” “Street Wear Apparel”! WOWThis Took Some Doing! I began by drawing a pictorial image of a hand representing the sign for Peace! Then, I had to figure out how to take that Peace Hand and make it into a “Custom Designed Jersey”!   I then, filed for a United States Patent, on this product, and was granted a United States Patent for my product, named “The Peace Jersey”!!! It took years and years, of going to clothing manufactures with my Unique Design and Concepts, only to be told, Time After Time, that this “Two Sided Jersey” Could Not Be Done! This was only after the manufactures, signed my Non-Disclosure Contract Agreements, and giving me that look of… why didn’t they think of it?! Yet, I continued with my dream… of finding the right manufactures that could see My Vision and Dream for “The Peace Jersey”, whom could developed and make This Product A Reality! After years of searching, God Blessed me with the manufactures that could produce all the applications needed to make “The Peace Jersey” a “Finished Product” which is now developed in 6 Sizes! And Soon, All Sizes!  My company is named “Major Concepts” For Obvious Reasons!:) My team and I, want to address, the “Senseless Violence and Murders” that Affects Us All!

By Providing a “New and Innovative” “Social Method” and Approach… using the Very Stylish, and Cool, Street Wear Clothing” “The Peace Jersey” that Represents “What You’re All About, Whether You’re Coming or Going”!

Our first three versions offered, of this “Two-Sided Jersey” for the price of one, was decided because…

1. Affordability, causing access to everyone, and...

2. Common Sense…which tells us that, with our Alert and Socially Concerned Society… that if the General Public sees a Person walking down the street or even at a public park wearing “The Peace Jersey” And The General Public Notice, a bully or a group of guys Antagonizing or Causing Trouble with The Person Wearing “The Peace Jersey”… that the General Public Will Immediately Recognize The Perpetrator(s) and Phone The Police! Because it is Obvious… to the General Public, Of What The Wearer Of “The Peace Jersey” Stands For! And, what their Attitude, Mentality, Philosophy, and Values “Against Violence”… “Is All About”!

Lastly… To All Be It Known, without My Fine and Beautiful Wife, a Graduate of Indiana University, my plight, Would Not Have Been Possible, With A Weak Woman! This Virtuous, “Angel of GOD”, and I have over 30 years of Marriage! We’re Blessed with a Genius for a Son, that’s a former California State-Chess Champion, a Graduate of Head Royce – a private school in the hills of Oakland, CA., and a Senior of St. Mary’s College, and who’s Academic Skills, are Endless! In Which, My Wife And I, Are Thankful, And Very Grateful, To Both Schools, For Their Scholarships And Financial Aid Programs… Cuzz…We Ain’t Got No Cheese!:) This is my story, and one of my callings and talents, in this continuous life as I live. One Of My Purposes On Earth… Is To Promote “PEACE” by (ALL) “Peaceful Means Necessary”!

I Have Worked, Extremely Hard, To Bring “The Peace Jersey” To Reality! I Believe To Change A Person’s Mentality, From Violence To Peace, Is To Influence The Next Generation, Way After The Mentor, And The Fortunate Converted Individual, Is Long Gone! So, In Conclusion… I, AS A MAN, AND FELLOW HUMAN BEING! “MY ENERGIES”, AND “TOTAL SPIRIT”, “IS ALL ABOUT”, “RIGHTEOUSNESS” “POSITIVENESS”, AND UPLIFTING MY FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS!!! ESPECIALLY OUR KIDS!!!

Why I Say This… Is Because… To Acknowledge Our Social Past Ill’s, (VIOLENCE) And To Inform Our Kids, Not To Follow, Or Repeat That History, Is To Ensure A Healthy And Respectful Life For All Who Breathes, Until The End Of Time! JUST CALL ME,… BIG MAJ! “PEACE”!!!


We at “Major Concepts” desired to invent a Positive Product, one that would Represent the Desire’s of the Hearts and Souls, of the Majority of Our Humanity; a Product that Would Promote… Unity, Respect, Diversity and Harmony; a Product whose Message is Significant, whether the wearer of the Product is “Coming or Going”; A Product That Exposes To The World, At A Glance… The Mentality, Philosophy, And Values, of Any Who Would Don It!

“Peace”, Is The Ultimate Expression of Cooperation: Agreeing To Put Differences Aside, And Join Efforts For Mutual Benefits, Is The Foundation of Human (Social) Interaction.

Thus, It Was Inevitable, That The Product “Major Concepts” Co., Would Invent, Had To Be All About, A “Major Concept”… Which We Believe Is…“PEACE”!!! And, “THE PEACE JERSEY!” Was Conceived!

“It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


“Major Concept’s” Philosophy, is to Promote “Peace” over Violence to (ALL) Humanity “At Every Peaceful Cost”! To Change People’s Mentality and Attitudes using a “Socially Positive Product” that Reflects Respect, Unity, Diversity, Harmony, and Pro Life! We Advocate… “Choose School Life, Over Street Life”… Because… A Closed Mind…Is Hard To Open!